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Guest Post: Diabetes On Your Wedding Day.

July 2, 2010

Today’s post is courtesy of Sysy Morales, a new blogger who just started up the Girl’s Guide to Diabetes. She offered to share a few words of wisdom as a newlywed with diabetes about how to handle diabetes during my wedding day. Considering a wedding day *without* diabetes is psychosis-inducing as it is (I am trying really hard to not be a bridezilla!), I jumped at the chance to find out how to make sure my diabetes doesn’t get in the way of the best day of my life. Take it away, Sysy!

Dear Allison (and any other diabetic girl about to get married),

Since you are getting hitched soon and I got married less than 2 years ago I thought it would be good to lay out a couple of tips about how to make the day go smoothly (diabetic speaking).

My own wedding was awesome. I loved that it was simple, fun, and that my Alex was the first person
to show up at the church!

Would I change anything about it? Umm…yes. One thing. I would have done some diabetes pre- wedding planning. I didn’t because honestly, it never came to mind. I was completely rapped up with being a bridezilla. Well not really but, I did turn into a big worrywart, concerning myself with every possible detail of the wedding and reception.

I almost forgot I was a diabetic. I danced my first dance with my new husband in 5 inch heels and blood sugar over 250. Instead of only holding back tears of joy I also found myself fighting tears of sheer pain in my feet. I don’t want this to happen to you.

So here are my tips for you and other girls about to walk down the isle. Things you want to take in consideration BEFORE you say “I do”.

• Before the wedding, recreate whatever your schedule will be the day of your wedding. Do it twice. You want to get up at the same time you plan on getting up on that special day and eat at the same time you’ll be eating that day and so forth. For example if you won’t be eating during your ceremony at say, 2pm, don’t eat on your test run day at 2pm. You want to get a feel for what to expect blood sugar wise.

• Enlist a diabetes helper for the day of your wedding. A family member or good friend will do a great job. Basically their task will be to remind you to test your blood sugar (like before you walk down the isle or before you cut the cake). It seems unnecessary but, trust me I test my sugar a lot and on my wedding day I was so excited and nervous I couldn’t even spell my name. This person could carry your meter around for you and just take it to you when the time for testing comes. It is also helpful if they bring you water or ask how you are feeling during the reception. I say this because I danced about in a fairyland with my new hubby and loved ones and forgot to eat or drink anything for hours-not to mention that I forgot to test my sugar!

• If you are the nervous type, anticipate blood sugar going upward. Adrenaline can really cause your sugar to skyrocket and a lot of girls experience rushes of adrenaline just before and during the ceremony. So, test more often and take deep breathes!

• If you are going to workout the day of your wedding or the day before, don’t make it a random workout. You should be doing this routine weeks before the wedding. Why? Exercise affects how much insulin you require and you don’t want any surprises during the wedding-like a sudden drop in glucose.

• Have a good pre-wedding meal. This is not the time to treat yourself to pancakes and maple syrup. If you want steady and predictable blood sugars you want to keep your pre-wedding meal low carb. This doesn’t mean you can’t treat yourself. Have a big egg omelet with cheese and tomato and spinach and heck-throw in bacon, too! It’s your wedding day! This is precisely why you want no bad surprises with glucose that day. The fewer carbs you eat the less insulin you give and the lower the margin of error you will have. This translates to less yo-yo-ing blood sugars that day.

• If you have a pump, make sure you have got it secure under your dress AND make sure you have a fresh and full supply of insulin in there. You don’t want it to start beeping in the middle of the ceremony because you ran out.

• Wear shoes you can walk in. Okay so this isn’t just for diabetics. Thing is, my sugar was high and I was already in uncomfortable shoes. End result? I painfully hobbled around the beach for the next couple of days while on my honeymoon.

• Last but not least…relax! The wonderful thing about good pre-wedding planning is when the day arrives you will have things under control. Instead of worrying about your sugar while saying your vows, you’ll look at Mr. Right and think of only happy thoughts.

Congratulations to Allison and any other fabulous diabetic fianceés! May your wedding be magical and your blood sugar right where you want it!

Brilliant advice! If you have any wedding advice for how to handle diabetes on my big day, feel free to share in the comments!

  1. July 2, 2010 6:12 PM

    Not that it’s completely relevant, but I’d agree with the eating enough before the ceremony just in case – as this diabetic guy (fool) skipped the day’s meals and went Low during the ceremony. That appeared to be the cause for dripping candle wax on my hand and then nearly tripping on the steps leading up toward the priest…. No early wedding cake around, so had to settle for some glucose tablets that my best man happened to be sporting for me! Entertaining, without a doubt. But all turned out well. She still married me, and didn’t divorce me a year later when I taped over the video with tornado/storm coverage…. Ok. That’s all. Goodbye now.

  2. July 3, 2010 6:45 PM

    Michael! you taped over your wedding video? you’ve got a good woman by your side! My fear during my wedding was that I would have to turn to my sister and get her to hand me a juice box in the middle of the ceremony. At least you have a fun story to share for years to come! lol

  3. July 4, 2010 11:38 AM

    Not diabetes-related advice, but I figured that I would be on my feet all day and wanted to be comfortable. I wear Birkenstocks almost daily, so I purchased a pair of really cute white Birks to wear under my wedding dress.

    It was a garden wedding, so why not. I never gave my feet a second thought!

  4. July 9, 2010 4:33 AM

    This is really awesome advice for whenever, if ever I get hitched! Thanks!

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