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Sleeping Habits

November 20, 2009

It’s amazing how my sleeping habits have changed as I get older. I can do well with less sleep, often times getting up merely an hour later than normal on weekends, and my sleep positions have changed too since I now have a double bed in my room and not a twin. I didn’t realize how much I needed two pillows until I went back to Oregon and had to sleep in a TWIN! The horror, right?

I also now require a fan to sleep. For a few reasons, actually. First, my room is small, so it gets stuffy easily. Second, I have an upstairs neighbor who could be mistaken for Shoe’s little sister (if you don’t know who Shoes is, visit Kerri’s blog) so the fan kinda drowns her out. A little. Sometimes. I also have pidgeons outside my window (hi, this is New York, remember?) and they are annoying too. Lastly, the summers are very hot, and I didn’t have A/C in my room once I moved. So I had it on. Every night. And now I can’t stand the (semi) silence. It’s like a noise machine, just bigger. And windier.

Have you noticed anything new or unusual about your sleep habits since you’ve grown up? Any tips on dealing with lead footed neighbors?

Sigh…. There she goes again…


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