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And so it begins…

November 1, 2009

It’s November! And that marks the beginning of National Diabetes Month, the end of daylight savings time and NaBloPoMo!

nablo1109.120x200What’s NaBloPoMo?

It’s the month where bloggers everywhere torture themselves by coming up with blog material not just everyday during the week, BUT ON THE WEEKENDS TOO!

And you thought Halloween was scary!

I have participated in two NaBloPoMo’s so far with flying colors and I’m looking forward to completing yet another one by sharing mostly boring, useless factoids about yours truly. I really wouldn’t blame you if you decided to suddenly stop reading my blog for about thirty days or so. I would probably do the same.

Tomorrow, I will have pictures and stories from my weekend in Newport, Rhode Island where I celebrated my wonderful boyfriend’s 26th birthday and then on Tuesday BIG NEWS (No, I am not pregnant. Or engaged.).

Hope you all had a wonderful weekend and Happy November!



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