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The End is Near.

August 24, 2009

No, not the apocolypse, my friends.

But the Ride to Cure Diabetes, Killington-style. Yes, I am now mere DAYS away from the biggest physical challenge I have ever had the priviledge (curse?) of undertaking. I am excited, nervous, anxious, worried, and above all, PRAYING THERE’S NO RAIN.

Seriously, yo, is threatening me with 30% chance of rain.

I ain’t havin’ none of that.

I am mere dollars away from my fundraising goal (if by mere dollars you mean $155, but hey, who’s counting?) and I am confident I shall reach my goal. I found out from the folks at the JDRF that I have up until a month post-ride to get all my moolah in, so if you need to wait ’til your next paycheck, never fear, there’s still time (though a head’s up would be much appreciated). As usual, here’s the spot to drop a couple bucks in the bucket.

Erik and I did my last prep ride on Sunday. It wasn’t as long as I wanted it to be – only 25 miles (only!) – but I have learned a lot about my body and what it needs during the past couple of months and of course, I am able to do so much more than I did when I first started, when it took me a couple of hours to go 6 miles! I have learned so much about gear shifting (it really is possible to bike with both shifters at 1 and *still* feel like you have to push), staying hydrated (I tend to forget about water during my first hour, which makes me tired, cranky and a little queasy…) and that those little packs of gooey energy really do pack a punch when you need it most (except don’t get Powerade gels in Strawberry Banana… just don’t…). I have also learned it’s important to thoroughly and evenly apply suntan lotion or you get very, very odd looking sunburns on your thighs.

From what a team member has told me, as long as I can do 2/3 of what I want to do on Saturday, I should be good. So I think I’m going to aim for the 36 mile, 2nd rest stop turn around. I may or may not be able to get back up the hill at the end, but at least I’ll do a solid amount of actual cycling. The elevation changes about 1,000 ft. in less than 10 miles, so we’ll see how my quads handle that!

This weekend also marks another first time for me – the first time I’ll be renting a Zipcar. Zipcar is a by-the-hour (or day) rental agency that allows members to rent all sorts of cars. It’s great because they don’t charge you extra for being under 25 (yes!), they pay for your gas (woot!) and you can PICK WHICH CAR YOU WANT. I’ll be driving a snazzy Toyota Matrix, which they say comes well-equipped to handle bikes. Perfect! It’s not exactly the cheapest thing in the world, but renting a car never is. Renting a car in NYC would have set me back about $500 because of that whole age and gas thing, so Zipcar is definitely handing in the savings. I’m excited and I’ll definitely take pictures of my foster car. Who knows? I might become a regular and try out all kinds of cars they have – BMWs, hybrids…. Expect a review next week, once I’ve recovered!

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