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Dear July: Well, you haven’t screwed up yet.

July 21, 2009

It’s about halfway through July now, and I thought I would take a moment and update you on my progress in case you missed out because you were on vacation or accidentally deleted my RSS feed or… something.

Well, in the Good column: I sold my car and I found an apartment. Both within the same weekend. I’m rather proud of myself that I managed to accomplish such a feat in a short period of time. It’s really quite exciting to have 2 big weights off my shoulder. Also in the good column: Operation Get Allison’s Crap Into Storage was a success, thank to The Boyfriend and His Friend. It was a lot cheaper than hiring movers that’s for sure! Round two, Operation Get Allison’s Other Crap Into Manhattan will commence sometime next Friday/Saturday. Still waiting to hear precisely when.

In the Bad column: Fundraising for the Ride to Cure Diabetes is going slowly. Considering I only have five weeks left, I decided to not kill myself, and I lowered my goal from $4,000 to the absolutely minimum of $3,000. Yes, MINIMUM. I HAVE to raise that much money in order to ride, so please, PLEASE donate. Even if it’s $5. Seriously, I won’t mind or make fun. I swear. However, with the change in goal, I am now 38% of the way there, which I think is good progress as opposed to the 23% I was at when the goal was $4,000.

In the Mixed Bag column: I’m traveling for the next 5 days. 2 days are for Roche’s Diabetes Social Media Summit in Indiana, which I’m REALLY excited for because 1) I’m going to meet a lot of cool diabetes peeps I haven’t met before, AND see a bunch of cool diabetes peeps I already know. WIN WIN! and 2) I’m going to Indiana, thus accomplishing State #2 in my “Visit 5 new states” on my 101 List. The first state was Delaware, which was all way back in May 2008! Over a year ago! State #3 is Vermont (for the Ride). Not sure about any other states. Possibly New Hampshire or Wisconsin. But we’ll see.

After Indiana, I am headed to Chicago for BlogHer. Except I’m not really going for BlogHer, I’m going to work for a client at BlogHer, so you who are going won’t really see me. I’ll have more details about what I’m actually doing at BlogHer after the fact (I’m gun-shy about talking about work before I actually do what I’m doing, mostly because I don’t really want this to become a PR blog. Separation of Church and State, ya know?). However, while I’m in Chi-town, I’ll be chillin’ with some more cool diabetes peeps for brunch on Sunday. Seriously, if you want an invite, just ask. It’s a Mixed Bag because all this traveling has got me a little wound tightly, so hopefully I don’t offend too many people!

I’m not sure if I’ll be doing any more diabetes meet-ups this summer. I want to do one in Philadelphia (mostly because I want to check out the Star Trek exhibit at the Franklin Institute) but with moving, visiting my family in Oregon for my birthday, a NYC 20somethings meet-up mid-August and then Vermont, that doesn’t leave many weekends. And I still have to train for the Ride! So we’ll see what September brings us.

So, July’s hangin’ tight. We’ll see if I can survive until the end of next week without any mishaps. If so, I think I may forgive July 2008 for sucking so badly.

Now, I’m off to pack – it’s 10:05 p.m. Do you know where your suitcase is?

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  1. July 22, 2009 12:00 PM

    Remind me to give you my donation on Sunday at brunch. Looking forward to meeting ya!

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