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Always, Sometimes, Never.

July 17, 2009

I found this meme on Your Wishcake. Seems like a fun thing to do on a Friday.

I always

  • want to go out to restaurant for dinner instead of cooking at home.
  • check Twitter two dozen times a day (sometimes three dozen).
  • order the item on the menu that comes with eggplant.
  • love hanging out with my friends.
  • try to mean what I say.
  • prefer warm weather to cold weather, but hate humidity.

I sometimes

  • think about moving back to Oregon.
  • don’t test my blood sugar when I’m supposed to.
  • say the word “fuck.” Yeah, that’s right.
  • change my lancet. And by sometimes I mean rarely.
  • cannot think of a single thing to blog about. Yay memes! 
  • get drunk.

I never

  • like talking on the phone.
  • watch American Idol.
  • get tired of hanging out with Erik.
  • like beer or red wine. Although I drink Blue Moon, I don’t *like* it and I hate everything else.
  • understand why people discriminate.
  • want to lose my sense of humor.

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