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Fundraising during a recession.

July 10, 2009

I’m fundraising for this August’s Ride to Cure Diabetes in Vermont. But fundraising for something during a recession sucks and it’s really, really hard to get people motivated when they are struggling as it is. When I signed up for the Ride, I knew it was going to be difficult. I knew it was going to be difficult physically, because I’m not a very physically active person. But I also knew it was going to be a very difficult challenge to raise money for it. The minimum fundraising requirement is $3,500. They encourage people to increase the minimum goal, so I chose to set my goal at $4,000.

Four thousand dollars is a lot of money. For one person. But four thousand dollars divided by a whole bunch of people isn’t so bad. I have over 1,200 people who follow me on Twitter. Some of those people are spammers or whatever, so lets lower that to say 1,000. I have 1,000 real people on Twitter who are following me. If you divide 4,000 by 1,000 that’s 4.


That’s a lot nicer of a number than $4,000, isn’t it?

If every single one of my followers donated $4, I’d be set. If half of my followers donated $8, I’d be set.

Four dollars. Eight dollars. Those don’t sound too bad. Four dollars is what it costs to buy a Starbucks frappuccino. Eight dollars is a combo meal at McDonalds.

For some people, four dollars and eight dollars are a lot of money, especially if you don’t have a job. That’s OK. I am not asking people who don’t have jobs to donate. You have other things you need to worry about and you need to make those dollars last as long as possible. But if you do have a job or you do have the money, please donating and make a difference in the lives of millions of people with diabetes.

Please consider donating whatever you can afford.

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  1. Erik permalink
    July 13, 2009 11:51 AM

    This is not related to the post, but nice new layout!!!!

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