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Philly Time!

February 6, 2009

Independence Hall

Independence Hall

Tomorrow, Erik and I will be taking our first out-of-town trip together to Philadelphia. We’ll visit some friends and check out some sights, like Independence Hall, Reading Terminal and I’m hoping for a chance to see the Mutter Museum again. We’re also having dinner with Hannah and her husband. Hannah is celebrating her 27th birthday (although her actual birthday isn’t until next Friday, February 13, so make sure you stop by her blog or Facebook to wish her a good one!). Quite a bit will be packed into a normal-length weekend. Kind of ironic considering we’re planning on staying local during the three-day President’s Day weekend.

Before we head out though I need to stop by CVS and pick up new insulin and test strips. Sometimes I don’t realize how low I am until I’m on the last couple of bottles. Luckily, I’ve never had a problem getting anything just by walking in to the pharmacy. I use One Touch test strips and Humalog, which are very common brands. A couple of times they only had a couple of bottles left of Humalog, which they gave me and then I picked up the rest a couple of days later. But a bottle of insulin can last me more than a week, so it’s usually not a crisis. I just hate having to go back a second time! It’s annoying that our medication isn’t always in stock. I am used to picking up milk or cereal or toilet paper anytime I feel like it. Realizing that something you use every day might not be available is a little weird.

Anyway, it will be nice to go away for the weekend and enjoy the warmer weather. Not that 48 degrees is warm, but when you’ve been suffering through 28 degree days for a month, even 35 feels balmy! It’s one thing I still can’t get used to about living on the East Coast.

What are your plans for the weekend? And do you have enough test strips?

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  1. February 8, 2009 10:06 AM

    Enjoy Philly.

    Regarding CVS, you can call the number on the prescription label, pre-order, and tell them when you’ll be in to pick up the prescription. If it’s something that they may not have enough on stock, you can speak to the pharmacist, who will be able to give you a time when the order should be completed. This way, only one trip — unless you wait until you are running too close on supplies to begin with.

    My own order-fulfillment issues with CVS is that they have to special-order the control solution for my Freestyle monitor. It’s not on a prescription, so they don’t call me back when it’s in stock… I either need to call to check that they’ve got it in, or I have to march over there and hope it’s arrived (and nobody else has purchased it in the interrim).

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