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Why I Blog

January 30, 2009

Over at the Diabetes OC Directory, I am this week’s guest blogger, which I think is perfectly fitting since this week also marks my 15th anniversary.

Today, my second and last post is up and I’m talking about why I blog. Being one of the first bloggers in the O.C., I’ve seen the community grow and change constantly – but always for the better. I thought I’d post a copy of the post here.

I started blogging early in college, on a little blog platform called Livejournal. Livejournal was popular among the angsty teenage set, but it didn’t give much ability to be creative with backgrounds and you had to be registered in order to comment. After stumbling upon a link to a diabetes blog in 2005 (to this day I can’t remember which blog it was), I found about four or five bloggers who were writing about diabetes. Since I ran a website, called Teen Talk at, I thought having a blog would be an easy way to share my thoughts on being a teen-slash-twentysomething (I was just shy of 20 when I started my blog).

I had no idea the Diabetes Online Community was going to take off the way it has! I started this directory back in November 2005, when I only had 25 blogs to look after. Within months, there were dozens more and we were over 100 before we hit the 1 year mark. The Diabetes O.C. is so big now I don’t think anyone has any idea how many there are (though this directory certainly helps!).

It’s been so fascinating to get to know so many different people – with different backgrounds, beliefs, attitudes, even languages – that are all tied together with one commonality: diabetes. Although I wish I didn’t have diabetes, I do feel blessed that I was given the opportunity through diabetes to meet and learn from such great people. I belong to many different kinds of communities, but the diabetes community is definitely one of the friendliest. I have grown up here. The diabetes community, through it’s various incarnations across social networks and blogs, has seen me graduate high school and college, move across the country, start my first job, find my first boyfriend. I imagine the diabetes community will watch me when I get married and have my children. I imagine they’ll be around for all the ups and downs of my life, perhaps even after this disease is cured (whenever that happens).

Reading and writing a blog has definitely changed my life for the better. I’m excited to see where this community goes and what kind of exciting adventures we all take.

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