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Lots of Lemonade: The New Year’s Eve Recap

December 31, 2008

Doing yearly recaps have been a habit of mine since I was in college and writing on a now almost-defunct Livejournal blog (which no one shall ever read except for a handful of close friends from high school and college because it’s embarrassingly filled with teenage angst. There’s enough of that here.). While I thought 2007 was crazy busy – what with my college graduation, move across the country and start of my first Big Girl Job – 2008 definitely racked it up a couple notches in the “too busy for words” sector.

January brought the start of my first 101 Things in 1,001 Days – my mission to accomplish 101 of my goals by September 28, 2010 (which is just shy of a year and a half from now – yikes!). I tried to make good on my first New Year’s Resolution by joining Weight Watchers along with a few other members of the DOC, which ended up failing miserably once my schedule became unpredictable and my motivation waned. I also celebrated my 14th anniversary of living successfully and happily with diabetes with a crew of my closest NYC friend.

I started off my 2008 string of meeting people with diabetes in February by attending the book launch party of Robert Rummell-Hudson, a type 2 diabetic and father of the most amazing and beautiful little girl. I also celebrated yet another Valentine’s Day – alone – but it was spectacular with flowers from my parents and a wonderful care package from fellow OCer and Portlander, Lori Rode, who kept up the tradition of sending me a Valentine’s Day present instead of Christmas presents.

I reunited with longtime friends and fellow advocates, Mollie and Jackie Singer, when they were in New York City in March. It’s so much fun to meet new people but it’s also very special to hang out with those of you who I’ve known for so long but rarely get to see. The diabetes community also saw the launch of the long-awaited Abbott Navigator, which was met with some humorous commentary from yours truly and another blogger. Being on the East Coast means that I don’t get to see my family very much and I miss them a lot. But at the end of March I took a self-declared spring break (since when you’re at a Big Girl Job they don’t give you one) and visited Boston with my mother.

April was a busy month for diabetes awareness. We celebrated the first Type 1 Diabetes Awareness Day and I created a nifty little slideshow about my life with the disease. I also attended the premiere of Life for a Child with Scott Strumello and Kerri Morrone Sparling, which was educational and heartbreaking all in one fell swoop. In happier news, my parents celebrated their 25th wedding anniversary and New York City finally started to defrost and show its beautiful colors again.

I rang in the merry month of May by meeting up with Jon Schlaman, co-founder of Diabetes Talkfest, and had Thai food in Queens with Scott. I also made a couple of big announcements regarding my summer plans, which involved lots and lots of travel around the U.S. and England. I also added a new state to my list by visiting Delaware with some of the OC pals. I also shared some embarrassing but true facts about myself with all of you!

In June, I celebrated my one year anniversary of being an East Coaster. I also returned to my home state to celebrate my brother’s high school graduation and speak to students at my alma mater about public relations. I also had a run in with some cheesecake that proved to highlight my complete ineptness with diabetes sometimes. I also made preparations for finding a new place to live by tracking down a new roommate. So far, New Girl has been working out quite well and I absolutely love my apartment with its view of the Empire State Building. I closed out the month with a wonderful trip to Philadelphia, where I had the pleasure of hanging out with Kelly, Kelly’s friend Emily, Scott, Scott’s roommate, Joe, Betty, Hannah and her husband, Matt, and Gary Scheiner,

July proved to be a little too crazy for my taste. I spent four weekends in a row out of town. While I spent Fourth of July weekend from the comforts of my Jersey apartment, the following weekend I was in Boston with my friend Katie, where I celebrated my third blogaversary, attended the first annual New England Diabetes Meet-up, and had my car break down in West Haven, CT, where I was forced to spend the night and kill time by counting up all the barbershops on Campbell Avenue. Three days later and I found myself on a plane heading to San Francisco for my second BlogHer conference, where I met lots of wonderful bloggers and PR professionals like myself. Not too long after that and I found myself smack dab in the middle of a New York Times article on the conference, which was followed up by a piece in and a handful of other blogs in the blogosphere (I find it a bit ironic that while almost every publication republished my quote from the NYT, no one actually bothered to email me to find out if that’s what I meant. Let me tell you something: it wasn’t. Journalists have a tendency to oversimplify, so if you’re confused or unhappy with a comment from someone, you might want to consider talking to them about it. Just a thought.)

Less than 2 day after returning from California and I was back on a plane to Orlando, Florida for my second Children with Diabetes conference. I met Sara, Mandy, Manny and saw Kerri, Heidi, Wendy and a whole crew of other diabetics and their families. When I got back, I had just one week to pack up and move to my new apartment, which got me thinking about home and what it means.

Merely hours after moving into my apartment on August 1 and I was back on the road, heading down to Philadelphia to celebrate my great-aunt’s 90th birthday, visit my father, grandmother and aunt, and then volunteer at Children With Diabetes Quilt for Life in Washington D.C. I had the pleasure of meeting Jillian and Kevin, along with his wife and adorable twins. I celebrated my twenty-third birthday and spent more time meandering around New York City, giving myself a bit of a break after my rock-star touring in July. I also began preparations for my postponed trip to England, which would take place later in September.

I do a lot of freelance writing about diabetes, and in September, several things I have written were published. Two articles appeared on the Diabetes Health website, the first on diabetes start-up companies and the second on Gina Capone’s CGM crusade. I also had my second article published in Diabetes Self-Management magazine, which you can read here. I started fundraising for the JDRF Walk to Cure Diabetes, and while I didn’t meet my goal, I did raise over $1500! Oh, and I went to England.

October brought me back to the grind at work, but I managed to escape my cubicle when I attended the Diabetes Fair at the Today Show. I also attended a new member meeting at a church I’ve been infrequently attending since August, where I managed to meet yet another diabetic – without even trying! On a more planned note, I attended the DRI’s Diabetes 2.0 meeting in New York City, where I was able to hang out with a whole cast of friendly diabetic faces and host another diabetes meet-up at Cibo. I also participated in the 2nd annual Blog Action Day, which is a day full of feel-goodness as bloggers try to change the world!

Emotions were running rampant during the month of November. Kicking off the month was our history-making, edge-of-your-seat Election Night. Participating in NaBloPoMo let me break out of my usual routine and I was able to discuss such issues as having children, bad days, and my love life – or lack thereof. In between raising awareness and raising money for diabetes, I also raised the bar for my whole health and committed myself to getting approved for a CGM by the end of the year. Which, I am happy to say, I did. I also had some exciting work-related activities that brought me up close and personal with one of the Fab Five: Carson Kressley. Who says a diabetes blog has to only be about diabetes?

What started in November led to a pretty popular Diabetes Community Secret Santa in December. We had 20 people participating and from the looks of some of these posts, it seems like everyone had a really good time! I hope everyone joins in next year. The Universe also decided to show me some love after a pretty bumpy November with a CGM approval and a lower A1C and a Cirque de Soleil show. The CGM has been a bit of an adjustment, but so far so good. You know the saying, when it rains, it pours? Well, when it snows, it blizzards apparently! After a couple delays and a near-missed flight which would have stranded me in Seattle, the snow in New Jersey and Portland managed to hinder much of my vacation. But I had a chance to hang out with the family and watch lots of reruns of House – which is never a bad thing!

Although 2008 was nothing short of exciting and crazy, I have a feeling 2009 is going to be a pretty good year. Thanks to a couple of gals here in the O.C., I signed myself up at and guess what – I met someone! ‘Tis true. So I’ll be ringing in the New Year with the New Boy, who will get a proper introduction in the coming weeks.

Happy New Year!

  1. December 31, 2008 1:02 PM

    Whew, that’s quite a year . . . I’m tired just from reading about it. LOL I hope you have a completely awesome 2009 . . . . and I can’t wait to hear all about the New Boy. 🙂

  2. December 31, 2008 5:36 PM

    Happy New Year Allison – !

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