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The Universe Must Like Me Today.

December 5, 2008

Today was my endocrinologist appointment. It’s something that, like most of you, I dread. I don’t dread seeing my endocrinologist (Dr. Lauren Golden at Naomi Berrie Diabetes Center – she is wonderful, and I know how hard it is to find a good endo, so I want to make sure she’s going on the Nice List this year). What I dread is that little number called an A1C that strikes fear into the heart of millions of Americans with diabetes (or at least the ones who know what an A1C is).

I didn’t have the greatest A1C in August. While we all know there are no good or bad numbers in diabetes (well, in theory at least – I’d like to see someone try to convince me that there’s anything good about a 13% A1C but that’s another post…), there are good and bad DIRECTIONS. My A1C was a full percentage point UP from my last one. Wrong direction. Not a bad number, but it wasn’t the trajectory of my diabetes management that I wanted. Thus, I was none too pleased.

So I woke up this morning, and dragged myself to the bus stop which took me to Port Authority in NYC and then I hopped on the 1 train alllllllll the way up to 168th Street. I got checked in, had my A1C done, the nurse weighed me (eek!) and took my pump and meter to download.

When I went in to see Dr. Golden – who again is like the nicest, chipperest doctor I’ve ever met in my life and I’ve met a few in my day – she gave me some pleasant news: A1C went down. Half a percent. It’s not back to where it was last year and it certainly isn’t where I want it to be, but I’m confident that with my newfound diligence and some help from my supporting cast of Mr. Insulin Pump and Ms. CGM that my A1C will be rocking come March when I head back up to the Naomi Berrie Center for my next appointment.

The CGM did arrive yesterday, in case anyone was wondering. I tweeted about the arrival of my “new toy” yesterday and I’m very excited to get started with it next week, after I get trained on it. I hear it can be a bit tricky to get hooked up and I want to make sure I don’t screw anything up! These results are too valuable to me.

Another thing I’m hoping my CGM will help me with is my weight… It’s none too pleasant right now and it is also heading in the wrong direction. I’m hoping that the CGM will give me more confidence when it comes to heading to the gym. I need to start making that a priority.

Although my weight might not be ideal, and my A1C is still so-so, the Universe must think I’m doing something right. Earlier today I spotted a tweet from a mommyblogger that I know saying she had an extra ticket to Wintauk tonight. Being a theater and performance art afficiando, I tweeted back that I would love to go and my request was accepted! Since I’m working in New York City today because of my doctor’s appointment, there won’t be any issue in me getting there on time. I’m so excited! I’ll have a full report on Monday.

Have a great weekend!

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  1. December 5, 2008 3:44 PM

    Isn’t it funny how much weight we put on the A1C number? Congrats on getting yours headed back in the right direction. And I agree, your new CGMS should be very helpful in keeping it going that way. Mine actually went down by .1 – although to look at my blood sugar log you’d never guess it. My endo agrees that I must be crashing while I sleep, as well as the lows I am catching on my meter even though I didn’t feel low. I should hear about my CGM status on Monday – I hope it’s a yes too. Even though my A1C is still going the right way, my finger-stick readings sure aren’t.

    Have an awesome time seeing Wintuk tonight. Be sure to give us a full report!

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