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Diabetic Faux Pas

November 25, 2008

I’ll admit, I’m a bit lazy when it comes to changing my pump sets. Of course, I always change my pump set (it’s kind of hard to do a do-over when I’m RIPPING IT OFF MY SKIN) but I’ve been known to reuse my reservoir and tubing several times. I keep a plunger and cap around and I just refill the resevoir and then reconnect the tubing, prime and I’m good to go.

Well…. most of the time.

Today, I woke up at 426 mg/dl which I had a sneaking suspicion might happen because I also went to bed high and sometimes I think I’m coming down and I don’t. So I gave a correction bolus and slept a little bit more and then tested half an hour later and was 385. A little on the slow side for me (I tend to drop quickly). Then I tested an hour after that. 305 mg/dl. Definitely slow, but still, I was coming down.

I decided to work from home to give myself some time to recover. I had a turkey sandwich around 11:30 a.m. and gave myself a bolus for 40 carbs. About an hour later, I was feeling a little funny so I tested.

508 mg/dl.

Sigh. Not again.

I gave myself an injection to quickly bring myself down, but I figured it was probably my set which had been a little ouchy since I put it in on Saturday. I figured it was just going bad quicker than I was expecting. As I changed my pump, I also decided to make sure I didn’t have any air in my tubing which occasionally happens – not often, but it’s been known to occur. As I put in my site, the pump clicked away on my dining table.

Nothing happened. Not a single drop of liquid came out of that tubing. Obviously, it was air. I decided to get my plunger and see if I could speed things up a bit. But as I started to unscrew the reservoir from the pump, I felt liquid where the tubing connected to the reservoir.

It was leaking.

There are so many times that I have random blood sugars happen that even though it was definitely a pisser that I was at 508 mg/dl, I actually felt relieved knowing that I had solved the mystery.

And yes, I will probably continue to reuse my tubing. I’m just going to be a little more careful and actually examine it each time to make sure it’s worthy of reuse.

  1. November 25, 2008 6:36 PM

    I reuse my tubing too… and had a similar occurrence the night we had dinner together!

    Since all my supplies are free to me on the NHS, I can’t claim expense as a reason to re-use. It’s more that it’s just inconvenient to change the whole shee-bang every time. Now that I use the 722 instead of the 522, a full reservoir lasts me over a week. I hate filling reservoirs, so I always get it completely full and use it until every last drop is gone. If I change the tubing every time I change the set, I’ll have to keep taking the reservoir out, re-rewinding, re-priming, wasting insulin…

    Of course, given that both types of set that I use routinely both come with tubing in every package (I think only regular MM silhouettes come in combos) I am wasteful of the tubings. But re-ordering sets is way easier for me than re-ordering insulin (don’t ask!) so ‘d rather waste the tubes.

    The big problem is that a 7 day reservoir change schedule and a 3 day set change schedule rarely line up. I’ve definitely ued the same tubing for weeks before now!

    I’ve aways wondered if I might just be lazy, so I’m always glad to know that other people re-use too!

  2. November 25, 2008 6:50 PM

    I reuse reservoirs and tubing all the time. Probably because I can empty a reservoir in under 2 days if I’m really over-carbing. It causes its own uniquely weird issues, much like yours.

    I also find that re-using reservoirs too many times will cause the plunger to not move as well as it should. If anybody’s in the habit of re-using theirs, try not to do it more than twice…I find I run into problems.

    Hugs to you, Allison, for having to deal with all the annoyance today. Yuck.

  3. November 25, 2008 9:19 PM

    Yuck. I hate when there’s delivery problems. But I agree with you, I’m relieved when I can figure out WHY. It’s the other times when I can’t that frustrate me to no end. Hope the night has been much smoother. 🙂

  4. November 25, 2008 11:08 PM

    I hear you! It is always such a win when you can figure out what the heck was causing problems.

  5. Mandy Bachelor permalink
    December 8, 2008 11:26 PM

    I haven’t had any problems with the tubing or reserviors, I have, however had the problem of the little plastic insert bending after I remove the needle. I have ended up in the hospital twice because of this. I don’t know if I hit muscle or what it is. I have the short plastic inserts….crazy sometimes! I know how you feel 🙂

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