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Post Education

October 28, 2008

Sometimes I think I’ve learned more about our world by reading blogs than I did in my four years of college education (sorry, Dad). There is such a diversity of blogs that cover a wide range of my interests. Besides the obvious interest of diabetes, I read blogs on local news (thanks Gothamist and Hoboken 411), personal finance (props to Frugal Dad and Boston Gal), social media and public relations (most notably Todd Defren and Seth Godin) and  hodge podge of other blogs that I find on my daily cruises through the blogosphere.

There are some really smart people who blog, and most of them link to each other so it’s easy to find even more really smart people. A man at the DRI conference asked Amy how someone discerns whether or not a blog is worth reading since essentially anyone with an Internet connection can blog (it’s not hard – if I can figure it out, so can you). But I think the great blogs are fairly easy to find. There’s Alltop, for instance, which lists some super blogs, and Technorati can help you find blogs by typing in key words.

But not everyone becomes well-known and some really smart people are not noticed as quickly as others. So I wanted to ask all my readers who do you read? Where do you get your “post education”? (Get it? Post education… like blog post? See, I can be punny).

Now, I read a lot of blogs, but I’m always looking to find some great new material. If you have suggestions or if you are a new blogger and you’d like me to come visit, please leave a comment. Your favorites may lead someone else to a new favorite too! Share the love, mmkay?

  1. October 29, 2008 8:24 AM

    A local news blog I’ve started reading is “Queens Crap” (, which as you might imagine is local news for the NYC borough of Queens, though it does cover topics for the entire city (occasionally). I also follow travel guru Arthur Frommer, who blogs on a variety of mostly travel-related topics, but also covers global issues like the current exchange rates and dollar appreciation which has made some places more affordable than they’ve been in a few years. I include updates on DVD releases from TVShowsOnDVD, as well as the usual diabetes subjects including Diabetes in Control, whose newsletters are available in RSS format! I also have some specific news searches in place on various companies and other topics of interest, and found that the advent of readers enables me to sort through mountains of stuff I wouldn’t otherwise be able to get to.

  2. October 29, 2008 10:19 AM

    I’m listed on Alltop in the parenting section, but I have recently been featured on Blog Nosh Magazine. If you haven’t been to Blog Nosh, check it out. The channel editors comb the blogosphere looking for terrific posts in a large number of categories. They generally put up two new posts each day. And they never disappoint.

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