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Hope or Hype: Weighing in on the Media Circus

October 22, 2008

Most of know by now that whenever the media says “There’s a cure!” or “There’s a revolutionary treatment that will CHANGE YOUR LIFE!” what they really mean is “Someone somewhere thinks that maybe this one thing could potentially play a positive role in finding a cure.”

Which is, you know, not all that exciting.

But whatever. I guess this is my fault for going into P.R. and not journalism, but I digress…

Anyway, this Saturday is the Diabetes Research Institutes annual research conference with a panel of the leading experts in the diabetes community. The DRI is asking for people to send in their questions about the media and what role it plays in the diabetes community – is it giving us true hope or just a bunch of pointless, heart-breaking hype? Check out Amy’s write-up about the event and send in your questions for her and the team, including Jeff Hitchcock, Fran Carpentier and Wendy Satin Rapaport, to answer.

On a related note, the Diabetes Community Dinner is looking like it’ll be a smash hit this weekend! We have so many great people getting together for dinner after the conference. I am so excited to see old faces and meet new faces. Reservations for the dinner are now closed (boo, I know), but I host a lot of these dinners throughout the year in a variety of cities so stay tuned!

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