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Diabetes TODAY

October 10, 2008

This morning, the TODAY Show featured several segments on life with diabetes in conjunction with their Diabetes Fair that was held outside, near their studio. The fair itself was hosted by the American Diabetes Association and seemed to have three parts to it – a screening area, where folks could get their blood sugar test (always a good thing!), and an exercise area, where ADA staff were showing folks some aerobics moves. There was also a third section for nutrition but it was directly next to where they were filming, so all these fans were standing next to it making it impossible for anyone to actually look to see what they had.

In the middle of these two sections were the hosts, Meredith Viera, Ann Curry Al Roker and Maria Menounos, who were talking about diabetes. The entire diabetes fair was surrounded by a barricade, and they were letting people inside 20 people at a time. TODAY show fans surrounded the barricade, trying to get a glimpse of their favorite morning show hosts.

So, let me recap that for you:
– three sections of the diabetes fair, one of which was essentially blocked off by a crowd of fans who were trying to get on TV.
– they were filming inside the fair, which made walking around nearly impossible. I couldn’t even get to the exercise portion for the hour I was there because of the hosts and all cameramen.
– there were a LOT of people and the entrance to the diabetes fair was actually in one small corner of the barricade that I actually passed before a lady yelled to people where it was.
– a barricade that kept people out, with only 20 people being allowed in (which made sense because the space inside the barricade was so small and hard to navigate – lots of camera wires and whatnot).
– the American Diabetes Association was the host. There was no presence from any other organization or company (except for the lovely CWD folks who got on camera!)

Because I was actually at the taping, they couldn’t broadcast what anyone was saying (otherwise you’d have some serious feedback!) so I have no idea if what they said was actually any good. I did see the clip that’s on Cara’s blog, which was filmed before I got there because I don’t remember seeing them there. I hope what was broadcast was useful because I have to say, I was very disappointed by the fair. I’m sure the screenings were useful to some people, but it was poorly laid out and very much in the wrong location.

On a positive note, I did stand within inches of Ann Curry and Meredith Viera, who I think are both very cool. Ann Curry is actually an alum of the University of Oregon, and while I didn’t get a chance to say anything to her, it was still cool to be there regardless of how sucky the diabetes fair actually was.

  1. October 10, 2008 3:25 PM

    I thought it was pretty cool. I e-mailed the lady and am waiting to hear back from here. That is the only part I saw. I caught it online this morning.


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