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Hi, is this Google? This is the DOC speaking.

October 7, 2008

Many of you have probably seen the posts and tweets floating around El Blogosphere today, but in case you’ve been in a cave or – I don’t know – actually living a life offline (who DOES THAT anyway?) you may have missed this little announcement from the folks at Diabetes Daily and TuDiabetes.

Our pals-in-arms have joined forces to start a petition to get Google to design one of their famous Google Doodles for World Diabetes Day. What’s a Google Doodle you may ask? Well, have you ever gone to and seen how their Google logo is a bit – how shall we say – different? Maybe a bit more… colorful? Crazy? Out-of-this-world cool? That’s a Google Doodle.

What can you do to get World Diabetes Day recognized by BILLIONS of visitors who flock to the Holy Land of Search Results? Simple, actually. Just sign the petition. Their goal is to get 20,000 signatures by November 1, and as of this very second (9:40 p.m.) there are 895. Decent progress, but we still have a ways to go.

Please sign, and then e-mail, blog, tweet, stand on the street corner with a loudspeaker… Okay, maybe scratch that last one. You might get arrested.

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