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New Opportunities to Share Your Story.

August 21, 2008

Want to be famous? I’m working on a couple of freelance projects and I need to get some outside feedback so I thought I would turn to all my wonderful friends and readers for your assistance.

The first one is fairly easy. I’m working on an article on celiac disease for the JDRF’s website. I’m looking for a couple people, maybe three, to answer some questions about life with celiac disease, your diagnosis, ways to cope with the new diet, how it affects your diabetes… that sort of thing.

The second article is for Diabetes Health magazine. This article is about how people handle social situations with diabetes. I’m looking for four or five stories from people where you had to deal with the impact diabetes made on your relationships with people. Examples of stories I’m looking for: moving to college and introducing diabetes to someone new, starting a new relationship and explaining diabetes for the first time, meeting the in-laws, dealing with diabetes at a party or event. If you have another story, feel free to send that in too.

Please e-mail me at amblass at for either one of these projects by next Friday, August 29. Even if I don’t pick you, I am always working on freelance projects and I’m always looking to hear stories from people with diabetes, so I may use your story in the future. Please send them in! Thanks!