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404 Error. Not Found.

June 19, 2008

Some of you may not have noticed, but at least two people have emailed me this week wondering where my blog ran off to.

Well, as my father would say, it was the nut holding the keyboard.

Last week, I attempted to change the nameservers and move my blog to my host. But that failed miserably (obviously, because I was the one doing it) so I had to put the nameservers back the way they were. Then I had to redo the domain forwarding. But instead of telling to point at, I told it to point at

Which obviously meant it was pointing at an empty webpage.

Once I figured out that’s what I did, I went back in to fix it. But instead of telling it to go, I wrote That used to be the URL for my blog back when I was still at Blogger. So that did me no good, because doesn’t exist anymore!

Finally, I wrote it down correctly and voila, when you type in, it points you right here where it should.

I like to take the simplest things and see how complicated I can make them. It’s like a game.


In other completely unrelated news:

You remember Kassie Palmer? You know, this uber-awesome mom of two boys who loves baseball more than life itself (okay, maybe not, but close, right?). Anyway, she doesn’t blog as much as she used to but she did me a huge favor by agreeing to be interviewed about being a parent with type 1 diabetes for the Juvenile Diabetes Research Foundation website. You can read her interview here. I read a lot of stuff lately about women and pregnancy – which there used to hardly be anything – but now there seems to be a dearth of resources on parenting with diabetes. Glad Kassie can fill us in.

Also, if you have a newly diagnosed college student in your life – or heck even just a regular college student with diabetes – you might want to pass this article on being diagnosed with diabetes while in college. It’s from the perspective of being diagnosed at an older age, while in college and living away from parents. However, I think it has some pretty useful advice for living with diabetes that applies to anyone in college.

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  1. June 19, 2008 1:57 PM

    Great interview Allison & Kassie! Loved to book too by the way.

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