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MadLibs Interview

May 23, 2008

From a random stranger, dreamsofmist:

1. What do you think of Harry Potter?
Don’t hurt me, but I’ve never read the books. Well, I read the first book right before the first movie came out, but since then, I haven’t read any of the books. I’ve seen all of the movies though and I like them, but I’ve never been really into the franchise.
2. When did you last have a nice relaxing sleep?
I always sleep pretty well during the weekend, because I can sleep in. But the last time I really slept well was probably last Christmas when I was at my parents. My apartment makes some pretty odd noises. Footsteps, old pipes, televisions still on at two in the morning…. oy.
3. Love or friendship? Why?
I think friendship. Mostly because it’s the only thing I’ve ever known. I’ve never been in love, so that makes me a pretty big fan of friendship.
4. What did you have for breakfast?
Well, I attempted to have sliced bananas in milk but the banana wasn’t very good so I ended up eating a muffin and some strawberries.
5. What’s your favorite song?
Honestly, I don’t have a favorite song. I really like a lot of Moby’s songs. I can listen to his records on repeat for hours.
6. How would you react to a complete stranger commenting on your blog?
I love it! Complete strangers are just friends who haven’t commented yet.
7. Whom would you most like to meet (in terms of celebs)?
Oprah. She has such influence in the world. I think it would great to meet her and not only tell her my story, but also hear some stories from her. Besides, who wouldn’t want to meet Oprah?

From Molly:

1. What do you think of eating salad without salad dressing?
I don’t think I would like it very much. I’m a big fan of salad dressing.
2. When did you last test your blood sugar?
3. Splenda or Equal? Why?
Neither! Sweet N’ Low! I suppose I would choose Splenda, since I hear it’s healthier.
4. What did you have for breakfast yesterday?
What’s with the breakfast questions? Haha. Yesterday I skipped breakfast, but then I had some fruit and a cookie during a morning meeting.
5. What’s your favorite sweatshirt?
Actually, I don’t wear sweatshirts most of the time. I’m a huge fan of hoodies though. I have about five. I like my green hoodie from Express and the flower-pattern hoodie from Macy’s.
6. How would you like to have the power to become invisible?
I think it would be fun for awhile but then I would get lonely. It would be a nice super power.
7. Whom would you most like to ride on the ferris wheel?
This is a hard question! If I had a boyfriend, I would say him, but since I don’t, I would probably say my two best friends from high school. Hopefully I will this summer when we go to London. I really want to go on the London Eye while we’re there, even though I hear it’s ridiculously expensive.

From Aaron:

1. What do you think of CGMS?
The CGMS is an awesome idea but I wish it was more accurate and easier to get. The fact that there are so many errors make me less inclined to fight for it.
2. When did you last watch TV?
I’m watching TV right now, actually. Home early from work, so I’m watching Star Trek: Voyager.
3. Diet Coke or Diet Pepsi? Why?
I drink Diet Coke, but I like both. My dad always bought Diet Coke because it was cheaper. I’m just used to it. I have to say, I absolutely loathe all derivations, Coke Zero or Pepsi One or any of that other “no-carb-yet-not-diet” soda is gross.
4. What did you do with it?
I drank it.
5. What’s your favorite sport?
I hate sports. I’m not a team-player. Haha. I’ve never been very athletic, but I like things like ballet or yoga. Not team sports. I get anxious having to perform in front of people or impressing people.
6. How would you tell your boss you don’t want to work late?
“Tom, I’m going home.” No, seriously, it would probably be something very similar.
7. Whom would you most like to share a cab with?
A rich person so they would pay the cab fare. 🙂

From Bernard:

1. What do you think of French movies?
They are weird! Very interesting, and I like them a lot, but boy are they crazy. I remember watching a French movie in high school where a man becomes obsessed with his half-sister or cousin or something like that, only he didn’t know. It was just weird.
2. When did you last eat a chocolate pudding without guilt?
Wow, that means I have to remember when I last had chocolate pudding… I have no idea… But I don’t remember ever feeling guilty when eating it.
3. Apple pie or ice cream? Why?
Ice cream. It comes in more flavors.
4. What did you about moving across the US?
Ack! Bernard, incompletely question! Leave a comment and tell me what this is supposed to be an all edit it.
5. What’s your favorite ocean view?
My favorite ocean view so far was when I went to Mendocino, California a couple of years ago with my friend Annie.
6. How would you like to be US president for a day?
Sure! I’d overturn the veto on stem cell research and give more money to research.
7. Whom would you most like to kick?
I don’t really dislike anyone, so I have a hard time thinking of anyone I would really want to kick. There are people I find annoying, but I don’t really think they deserve to be kicked. That’s a little too mean.

From Penny:

1. What do you think of me?
I think you’re very sensitive, just like me. You’re also a very good mother, and very sweet and caring.
2. When did you last drink a regular soda?
Weeks ago. I have no idea when, though. I think maybe when I was in Boston, but I’m not sure.
3. Sweet or sour? Why?
Sweet. I love candy. I have such a sweet tooth.
4. What did you eat for supper last night?
Spaghetti and a salad.
5. What’s your favorite car?
A Mercedes-Benz. I have no idea why. I’m not even sure they’re really that great of a car. I never liked BMWs because they always seemed so boxy, but Mercedes were nice cars that looks a little more sleek. So I’ve always wanted one.
6. How would you tell someone they are dying?
Wow. That’s a tough question. I think I would talk to some of my friends who are doctors first and see if they had any suggestions.
7. Whom would you most like to meet (that is alive and well)?
Well, I said Oprah already so I’ll skip her for this question. If I was going to meet someone else, I think I would want to meet Natalie Portman. I’ve been a huge fan of hers since I was in high school and I think it would be great to finally meet her.

From Jillian:

1. What do you think of pointy toed shoes?
I like them, as long as they aren’t too narrow. It’s really shoes with high heels that annoy me.
2. When did you last hear live music?
In February. I went to see The Magnetic Fields in NYC.
3. Boxers or briefs? Why?
Whatever floats your boat… It’s not like I’m wearing them.
4. What did you last take a picture of?
I took a picture of my friend Gayle at her 30th birthday party.
5. What’s your favorite scent?
I love vanilla. It’s so soothing.
6. How would you react if a random person offered you a free hug?
Depends on if they looked like a crazy person or not. I remember in college a group of students would stand outside the student union and give hugs. I never went up to get one but I thought it was a fun idea. Makes people smile.
7. Whom would you most like to meet that you only know from the internet/blogging?
Of course, I would love to meet everyone from the O.C., but if I was to think outside the box, I would like to meet Veronica Belmont. She’s well-known in the tech circles and she seems like a really fun, smart lady. We actually know a few of the same people, so perhaps I will someday.

From Autumn:

1. What do you think of automatic faucets, soap dispensers and paper towels?
They ANNOY me SO MUCH. Ugh. Why can’t I be trusted to get my own soap and paper towels? Are we no longer smart enough to do that? I mean, seriously.
2. When did you last visit a theme park? (Disneyland, 6 Flags etc)
The last time was in July 2006, when I was at the Children with Diabetes conference.
3. Perfer to sleep in or get up early? Why?
Neither, actually. I try to get up around 10 a.m. on the weekends, which gives me a couple hours extra, but it’s not so late that I don’t get anything done during the day.
4. What did you plan on getting a degree in your 1st year of college?
Journalism. I never changed my major. I’m completely serious. I’m probably the only college student I know that never changed her major. I added to it with Religious Studies and Non-Profit Management, but I stayed in the J-school all four years. It’s probably why I ended up graduating a term early.
5. What’s your favorite pair of jeans?
I don’t really have a favorite pair. Most of my jeans are new so I like all of them.
6. How would you go about talking yourself out of a speeding ticket?
The only time I “talked” my way out of a speeding ticket was at two in the morning on the way back from a bar. However I was around the corner from my house and the police officer actually shined a light diretly on it, so I think the fact that I was already pretty much home made him a little more lenient.
7. Whom would you most like to have play you in a movie?
The only celebrity that I think looks remotely like me is Thora Birch. We’re about the same height, have the same hair and skintone. I also thinks she’s a great actress so I would be happy to have her play me.


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