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Quite A Time.

November 30, 2007

I am not exactly disappointed that November is over, considering I have posted three memes in the last week (an all-time record for me), but I am thankful (seems to be a theme this month, no?) that I did NaBloPoMo. I think it really allowed me to do more self-examining than I typically do on this blog.

It’s been quite a whirlwind of a month, as well, as it coincided with National Diabetes Month and World Diabetes Day.

There were many memorable moments. Adorable children, lively and creative. A brief bout of homesickness. Educational opportunities from mainstream media – some insightful, some frustrating. Eternal thankfulness. World Diabetes Day – the first recognized by the U.N. – celebrated in style around the globe. An award-winning meltdown. The Angry Eye. My first East Coast thanksgiving. New friends that feel like old friends. More frustrations with diabetes, and more reminders that I am not alone.

I wonder what December will bring.

Have a great weekend. I’ll see you on Monday.

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  1. December 2, 2007 7:59 AM

    Yay for December! It seems you had quite the November (grrr..we both did!)
    I’ve enjoyed reading your thoughts more regularly!

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