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“About This Blog” Meme

November 24, 2007

Like Kerri, my brain is sapped of new things to talk about. Thank God for memes:

How long have you been blogging?

I started Lemonade Life on Blogger on July 12, 2005, so it’s been a little over two years.

What inspired you to start a blog?

I had a blog at Teen Talk on Diabetes Portal, but that meant sending it to an editor for approval and she put it on the website so there was always a long lag time. The audience was also just young teens. I was almost 20 years old and wanted to communicate to a new audience.

Are you trying to make money, or just doing it for fun?

The blog itself hasn’t made any money, but it has allowed me to meet people which has given me freelance opportunities – such as the article on blogging for Diabetes Self-Management – as well as my career.

What are three things you struggle with online?

I struggle with the whole privacy issue. I have lived a lot of my teen and college years (and now post-college years) online, so there are a lot of people who I don’t know reading about me. Sometimes I feel a little uneasy, but I think I have learned enough from the examples of others to stay safe, though the rules for myself are always changing. I also struggle with coming up with things to say (especially this month!). I try to post often but I don’t really like giving blow-by-blow descriptions of my blood sugars, so coming up with new things to talk about regularly is sometime challenging. The last thing I struggle with is keeping this blog pretty. I knew html when I was in high school, but a lot of this new-fangled design work goes over my head! I feel awful when the blog design fails and it’s very stressful.

What are three things you love about being online?

My favorite thing is that I’m able to educate people about living with diabetes in a very real way. I write when I can and what I want, and in the end, it’s helping people. That’s pretty awesome. I also love meeting people from the O.C. I feel like I have family everywhere. I also love the two-way communication that this community has. I read a lot of blogs (it’s kind of my job) and I really don’t think there is a community that has quite the impact on the day-to-day lives that we have.

And if you could entice someone else to start a blog, who would it be?

My dad. Only because he thinks blogging is stupid, but if he started one, I know he’d love it and would never be able to stop and then I would be right!


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