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Baffled. With Clarification.

November 17, 2007

This has been an trend I’ve noticed in several blog posts and email through the history of the O.C. and which honestly continues to baffle me.

So I thought I would make a post with some clarification – or at least with my opinion, because, well, that’s what my blog is.

For the record:

I did not start the Diabetes Online Community.

Not sure where that idea came from, but I didn’t. I’m not even trying to be humble or cute here, I really honestly didn’t start it.

I didn’t even come up with the name! Technically, Kerri did, way back in October 2005.

Don’t believe me? Check out the comments in this post. I’m fairly certain there were more posts that discussed the O.C. moniker that has become so widely used throughout the diabetes community – online and offline.

The O.C. had already existed prior to Kerri even naming it. Scott Johnson started his blog in December 2004. Amy started her blog in February 2005. Sandra started her blog in March 2005. Kerri started her blog in May 2005.

Me? I started mine in July 2005.

As for the whole “leading the O.C.” I have absolutely no idea where you crazy people came up with that. Okay, okay, I probably didn’t help things that I went around calling myself the Dictator for a few months last year, but I was kidding!

If there is anyone who does the best job at facilitating this community and keeping us all together under one consistent banner, it’s David and Elizabeth Edelman, creators of the ubiquitous Diabetes Headlines blogroll. Tell me the truth, how often do you use headlines, either on your blog or a blog you read? I personally use it about eighty-six times a day and I have no idea how I survived before.

Now, how often do you visit the Diabetes O.C. Directory? I made a list, and yes, when I created the current version of the Directory it did take a long time. But I don’t spend more than a couple hours a month working on the Directory. Unless it’s awards season and I want to murder myself… Trust me, there are a lot of things in the Directory that are broken and the O.C. Website has a lot of features I just haven’t had time to do.

I know this probably sounds kind of odd, to have someone tell you to stop thanking them. I don’t mean to sound ungrateful, but I just feel like the gratitude is misplaced and it makes make me feel guilty.

I do not want you to comment on this post and try to explain why you think I’m the greatest thing since sliced bread or defend your earlier comments or whatever message you intended to convey. In fact, I’ve decided to disable comments on this post. This is just something I needed to say and no feedback is required.

All I want to do with this post is to highlight David and Elizabeth Edelman, who I think have done an incredible job at making the Diabetes Online Community what it is and who I don’t think get nearly enough credit for what they’ve done.

So, go say “thank you.”

(Oh, and you’re welcome.)


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