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Third Annual Diabetes O.C. Blog Awards.

November 6, 2007

It must have been the stress of the NaNos, scurrying to finish up month-end details and preparing for the arrival of three colleagues from three of our other offices, but I completely and utterly forgot about the 3rd Annual Diabetes O.C. Blog Awards.

I am definitely planning on holding them online again, but it will probably take me a couple days to finish updating the O.C. with the newest blogs (I think I have about five in the queue) and load up all the names and titles into the nomination voting platform.

Last year, nominations last the full month of November, though obviously that isn’t happening this year. Instead, nominations will last for three weeks, followed by the entire month of December for voting as usual. The winners will be announced on the Official Diabetes O.C. website complete with winner’s notes on Friday, January 4.

The rules for who can be nominated are the same as last year:

1) Your blog has to be listed in the Diabetes O.C. Directory when the nominations go up. So, if you haven’t been listed yet, I’m giving you TWO DAYS to hurry up and send it in. If I don’t have it in my inbox by tomorrow night at 9 p.m. EST, you’re out of luck.

2) You have to be a blog. No personal websites, no educational websites. It has to be in the blog format.

3) Your most recent post has to be dated August 2007 or later.

Also,  I am making some modifications to the voting. Voting will be optional in all categories except for Best Blog. You will have to vote in that category, plus any other category that you like.

The categories will be as follows:

– Best Blog

– Best Adult with Type 1 Blog

– Best Adult with Type 2 Blog

– Best Parent of a Child with Diabetes Blog

– Best Adult Affected By Diabetes Blog (this be drawn from the Type 1.5/LADA, Pre-Diabetic, Spouse and Children category, because none of the lists have enough blogs to have their own category – at least for this year)

– Best Educational Blog (these will be drawn from the Diabetes Professionals and Diabetes News lists)

– Best Non-Blog Diabetes Resource (this will be a collection of educational websites, books, magazines and educators that make regular appearances in the O.C.)

– Best Male Blogger

– Best Female Blogger

I will make another post when the nominating opens. Best of luck!

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  1. November 6, 2007 11:19 PM

    cool! Wow…you’ve got a lot on your plate. Take time for yourself, too, my dear!
    Yay! Awards!

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