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November 2, 2007

Well, the Friday Five is also becoming my weekly press-releases-you-should-actually-care-about list.

Une: One Tuesday I received an email from ABC News about a new website they are creating to promote awareness about diabetes. They are looking for 25-45 second video clips of people talking about their challenges with living with diabetes. They are also looking for receipes. You can find out more and submit your video or recipes by visiting their website.

Deux: Ever wish you had something more stylish than the typical little black bag that comes standard with your glucose meter? Rickina Velte, a woman who developed gestational diabetes while pregnant, has created a Stick Me Designs, line of very cute bags to hold your glucose meter, test strips, medical ID card, cash and – as seen in one of the photos – even lip gloss! The meter kits are a bit spendy at $34.99 a pop but considering they fit any meter that you’ll have to carry around everyday, it might be a smart investment for those who appreciate a personal touch in the look of their medical equipment.

Trois: Moving right along… Now, I’ve never been one to follow all the gossip rags – other than a quick glance while waiting in line at the supermarket – but I may add Perez Hilton to my Christmas card list after he published this story this morning. Make sure you avoid the comments, though. Most of them are as dumb as Halle. Hat tip to Allison Brooks for sending me the link! And thanks to everyone who has written about this or joined my Facebook group “Diabetics and Friends Boycotting Halle Berry!” Feel free to join!

Quatre: Here’s a bit of Oregon news: a meteorite that landed in Oregon now housed at the Museum of Natural History in New York City went on the auction block recently. However, it wasn’t very successful. Auction organizers estimated the rock would go for a whopping $1.3 million, but only got up to $300,000 before they took it off the block. Kinda lame, but seriously, what were they expecting?

Cinq: I have always loved reading inspirational quotes. When I was growing up, I would page through the mammoth quotation books at the local library for hours. Always in the mood for a little literary uplifting. Might also be useful when looking for some NaNoWriMo inspiration… which I desperately, desperately need.

  1. Sara permalink
    November 2, 2007 7:53 PM

    I had to read the Halle Berry comments mostly because you said not to 😉
    Wow, I can’t believe there are so many people out there who believe that natural crap. I read one about a girl whose friend stopped wearing her pump because she is taking one bitter melon pill a day instead 😐

  2. November 3, 2007 6:47 PM

    The Perez post has generated over 450 comments…pretty impressive. Atleast it’s gotten people talking!

  3. Snoh permalink
    November 5, 2007 12:41 PM

    Hi, I joined your FB group! Anyway, I think that it’s absolutely irresponsible of Halle Berry to be advocating diabetes awareness, having made very uneducated and misleading comments about the issue. How does she account for people who have led very healthy, physically active lifestyles that develop type 1 diabetes, such as Bobby Clarke (who, by the way, has made amazing efforts to control his type 1 diabetes in a very responsible manner, and lead an incredible NHL career…)?

    On another matter, I think that those stylish glucometre cases are absolutely fetch! Any friends reading this comment, this a hint for the holiday season :D!

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