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“Like, really?” and other reactions to the Internet

August 31, 2007
  • In this week’s edition of “Ewwww!”, an Indian man named Nanu Ram Jogi announced his determination to be the world’s oldest father. This comes after his fourth wife gave birth to his 9th daughter (or so he “thinks”) at age 54 years of age, while Jogi clocks in at age ninety. Jogi is quoted saying he would love to keep having children until he is 100 years old. (Oh, and am I the only person who thought of Mork’s “Nanu-nanu!” line when reading the guy’s name?)
  • Hate to break to you, folks, but superheroes are not real. I know, shocking, right? A recent Argentinian study came to this conclusion because “their social interactions don’t follow the patterns that they would in the real world.” And you thought diabetes had the craziest “WTF?” scientific studies. Just be thankful you’re not a superhero.
  • A scientific study that might prove to have some legitimate ground to walk on comes from the Oregon Health Sciences University where researchers have found a brain-based cause for type 2 diabetes in, you guessed it, mice! But hey, you have to start somewhere, right? Apparently some neurons become defective in obese mice that cease to properly detect and respond to blood sugar. Amazing! And they’re going to study it in other animals now and maybe, just maybe, they’ll get around to studying human. You never know.
  • Have you ever wanted some easy steps to be more [fill in adjective here] so you can live a better life? Well, Zen Habits has the answer for you! No, really. Everyday, they have some simple steps to help you be a more productive, healthier, happier and financially-secure person! Most of the tips can be found in essentially every lifestyle magazine on the market,  but now you don’t have to waste $3.95 x 6 magazines every month. Because Zen Habits would frown on irresponsibly spending money when you could get it for free from them.
  • We have all witnessed the remarkable storytelling abilities from the members of the Diabetes O.C. and other health communities as they talk about their chronic illnesses, but would you believe me if I told you there was a food blogger who told the best narratives about eating? Orangette, written by Molly Wizenberg, a Seattlite who chronicles her adventures while incorporating food into every blog. She also has the best, most romantic “how I met my husband” story, which makes me incredibly jealous (though secretly incredibly hopeful!) and I think it is the best introduction to her blog. Bon appetit!

Well, I’m off to Providence and Boston for the weekend (hurrah for 3-day weekend!) but I will return with my adventures at the doctor’s next Tuesday. As a couple people mentioned, there are a variety of suspects (thyroid, anemia, exhaustion, I-just-have-a-sucky-metabolism) so hopefully I’ll track down and nail at least one of these suckers soon.

Have a wonderful holiday weekend and be safe!

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